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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The AtoZ Great and Powerful Theme Reveal

Linking with about 400 other bloggers to reveal our A-to-Z-themes. The AtoZ Challenge sign up list is still open so it is not too late to join the crowd.  Also linking up with Anne at spygirl-amb.blogspot.com for her 52 pick-me-up prompt of "Match Your Scarf."

And Now Something Completely Different
(my theme/non-theme)

My "A" post on April 1 will explain more of my concept/non-concept.  

A couple of retro images for your enjoyment, the first being Winnemucca, Nevada, July 1969.

Adding in a recipe from the 1950 Ford Treasury of Famous Recipes from Famous Eating Places

A few orchid illustrations will show up.

Bucket Orchid

Maybe a Pattern of the Day, a 1969 Simplicity 8498.

Ending with a baby doll mugshot 1962 tiny Chatty Cathy hailing from San Diego on shopgoodwill.com.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.  I am still working away on my posts for this challenge.  For those new to the challenge, you don't realize how much work it is to fit in your content with specific letter prompts.  Of all the letters to have me stumped this time around are "I" and "J."  I have spent the last three months on the push for this event. My goal is to entertain a new and existing audience.  Come on along for the ride!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Shamrocks and good luck

Leading off the day's post with an image from the 1959 Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Cook Book.  

I have an interview on St. Paddy's Day with a State agency with some cachet.  I'll be wearing the green!

Thrift Shop happenings amounted to one visit for a little less than $28, that included a pair of sunny yellow clip-on earrings.

A pot shelf/book shelf, some hardcover books and a Disney wine glass. 

A travel print tote with makeup bag and replacement lid for a small crock pot.

A runner rug (badly snagged) that I will trim up and launder.  A pair of Lucky Brand jeans and a purple Charter Club V-neck pullover.

This pair of West Pac Japanese ceramic hand painted roosters were something to crow about!  They are in great condition except for a little red paint loss.  No chips and with a sand pebbly surface.  I have never seen anything quite like them.  

Update to the bookshelf - all my books are organized now.

A to Z Blog Challenge post preparation continues.  I nearly have all of the letters fleshed out. It is going to be such a fun event.
In the good luck realm, I have been nominated as Best Local Sacramento Blogger.  It is an easy link to vote for me through FB or Google+.  Please throw a vote my way!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Ides of March

We are experiencing some wonderful March weather in Northern California.  Just for kicks and giggles, I am linking up with Judith at The Style Crone for Hat-Attack-20.  Beyond the crook of my arm is my flower garden I have been preparing and you get a glimpse of Zipper, my dog.

Linking with Patti at Notdeadyetstyle for Visible Monday.

It must be the height of thrift shop season because I have found some OMG items that are keepers.  This boho chic look is topped off with a San Diego Hat Co. wide-brimmed hat (retail), a Nancy K New York flare sleeve shirt and a blue velveteen Impressions maxi skirt.

I splurged on these retail discounted L'Artiste slip-on sandals.

The balance of my thrift shop finds were the lavendar NWT top, a Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Assets coat length jacket, a Hilo Hattie dress and a Coldwater Creek long sleeved shirt.  After I have the coat dry cleaned, it will be featured with another thrift shop find of a Jones New York skirt.  They are two pieces that you think wouldn't go together, but they do. 

If you haven't seen the Huffington Post article 6 reasons why gray hair is white hot, now is the time for a visit. My readers know I have touted my love of platinum hair more than once, both Ode to Platinum Hair and Back-to-black-and-platinum-hair.

My newest craphty project is to gather embellishments on fabric, such as this one.  I cut out these beaded flowers from a poorly constructed shirt and could make two pieces into an applique.

Ah, let's end it with a Pattern of the Day, she is flaring out in a 1977 Simplicity 7975. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

There is Fine Art in the Thrift Shops

This amazing acrylic on canvas by Fred Draper has me stunned.  A gem from the great Thrift Shop Beyond that has found its way to me. I immediately hung it up on our living room wall.  It is almost criminal that I paid $6.25 cents for this high quality piece of art, marked $12.50, it was half off day at hospice thrift.  

Acrylic Glendole Grange #168 Moumouth Cty

Link to my i-dearly-love-maxfield-parrish find.

Included with the Draper delight were these clothes (the lot for less than $20). I score at these types of sales because I look for offbeat or professional suit type pieces.  A three piece black Pendelton suit/pant set, an unmarked beaded sweater (detail shown below), Studio Collection houndstooth pants, and a Woolrich gray shirt.  

I will replace the yellowed buttons and affix the loose beads on this sweater.

The second stop thrift shop finds were remnant material in a little black office cube with a ladies cape and two retro sewing books (images from those will find their way into my AtoZ posts).  

Other recent thrift shop finds were a Christopher & Banks embellished sweater and a Coldwater Creek plum knit top.

A to Z preparation continues for the April event.  As of this blog post, there are over 2,000 bloggers participating with the sign-up list now closed.  

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I heart YOU

First up is Beverly at How sweet the sound for her weekly Pink Saturday linkup.  I have been image gathering, and as always with Beverly, I promise to behave myself (and am not always successful).

Continuing with the pink theme, I am showcasing my recent thrift shop finds of this embellished silk/cashmere sweater labeled Suzabelle Resurrected Couture ($2.50) and Luna Claire knit skirt ($3.99).  One reason I so enjoy shopping thrift is finding unique pieces like these for just a few dollars.  Helloo to all of my Visible-monday visitors!
The Leaning Tower of Tami

Finally, I Heart with Anne of Spygirl-amb.blogspot.com and her 52-pick-up weekly prompts.  

A body positive shout out link on a Huffington Post article about super-women-super-models-fashion-ads.  The focus being on models who are not the "usual" models, one being Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  

1987 Pink pattern of the day

Two thrift shop pinkies that I didn't buy - the beautiful beaded purse and the pretty pink picture.

I am gathering steam for the two month deadline for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April.  

Signups are still open a-to-z-challenge-sign-uplist-2015.  This will be my third year participating.  As of this post, there are over 500 bloggers participating.  

Friday, January 30, 2015

And then there was one

The Writing Challenge prompt "And then there was one," ending with images that intrigue me.

And then there was one baby doll mugshot, a recent inmate on www.shopgoodwill.com.

And then there was one Pattern of the Day, let's lounge around in a 1970's housecoat. 

And then there was one orchid illustration

An orchid a day and some patterns will appear in the posts I am preparing for the AtoZ Blog Challenge in April.  I am No. 128 on the sign-up list this year.  Woot woot!

And then there was one wayward llama that keeps visiting the ranch.  

Thursday, January 29, 2015


The writing challenge prompt for the day is "Steamed," and that fits right in with my mood.  My Dell red XPS laptop blue screened, fatal errored and we all know what that means.  She is no more.  Granted I was running Vista (some of you may ask, "What is that?") and it took forever to get the old gal up and running.  

My new XPS will arrive in about two weeks.  I admit I am brand loyal.  This will be my third XPS laptop and they have all served me well.  I get to try out Microsoft Office 365 and the Windows 8.1 operating system.  I hope I don't regret that decision but I can always upgrade to 10.  

If you are in the market for a laptop

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Imagine that

The Writing Challenge prompt is "imagine that."  

Imagine that I have not worn a ring for nearly ten years, for various and sundry reasons.  I have missed it so and have decided it was time, time for a ring.  It was in part to celebrate completion of my one-year probation as a State employee and seemed an apt way to start 2015.

Oh, not just any ring but a pave of diamonds from the Le Vian Exotics line.   

I purchase fine jewelry in the days after Christmas when it is discounted to the lowest possible price.  While it is still outrageously expensive, this piece was worth the delight it will bring me for years to come.  

I have fallen in the love with the ring.  Irrevocably and totally in love.  It is like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings.

Imagine that.